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Suggested Color Combinations
Bargello Purse on a Bead Loom
A Beadwrangler Workshop
all beads are size 11 seed beads

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This bargello purse can be made in five different color combinations. Each color combination consists of 5 colors. The tables below can be used by your bead store or other source for beads to match colors to their stock numbers. The reference numbers shown are for two of the largest bead importers which most retail bead sources should be familiar with. Har-Man is in New York and Buy-Lines is in California. If your retail source needs more information, ask them to contact The Beadwrangler at 228 N Sun Court, Tampa, FL 33613 or email


# Color Description Har-Man Buy-Lines
C1 Opaque Purple Rainbow unk 497
C2 Tan Lined Crystal 38115 unk
C3 Lavender Lined Crystal 38127 706
C4 Amethyst Transparent Iris 22069 81
C5 Ceylon Lavender Pearl 37128 185


Burgundy and Topaz
# Color Description Har-Man Buy-Lines
C1 Black Opaque Rocailles 23980 101
C2 Beige Iris 13029 unk
C3 Fuchsia Iris 92129 unk
C4 Pink Lined Topaz 11027 40B
C5 Rust Iris 12099 unk


# Color Description Har-Man Buy-Lines
C1 Blue Metallic Iris 59135 105
C2 Dark Blue Luster Opaque 38060 64
C3 Dark Sapphire 30109 706
C4 Dark Sapphire Transparent 30100 140
C5 Light Sapphire 33039 185


# Color Description Har-Man Buy-Lines
C1 Transparent Emerald Rainbow 52719 41
C2 Light Aqua Transparent 60000 611
C3 Green Turquoise Luster 68130 26
C4 Green Lined Crystal 38158 unk
C5 Green Silver Lined Rocailles 57150 651


Gold and Silver (original)
# Color Description Har-Man Buy-Lines
C1 Black Opaque Matte 23980m 101m
C2 Transparent Gray Iris 13019 196
C3 Amethyst Silver Lined Rocailles 20060 34
C4 Gold Silver Lined Rocailles 17070 7
C5 Crystal Silver Lined Rocailles 78102 5