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Taco Chip Surprise Kit
Goldstone Chip Pendant
Aquamarine Chip Pendant
Five Selections
Smoky Topaz

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Amethyst Chip Pendant
Garnet Chip Pendant
Smoky Topaz Chip Pendant

  Ever since I posted the Taco Chip Surprise project on my website, people have been sending me email that says two things:

1. I love the Taco Chip crocheted pendant and the matching Why-Knot necklace.

2. I can't find the materials.

This second comment usually includes things like

So, I decided to put together a kit for all of you that want to make these two projects.  I even designed a pair of gemstone chip earrings to complete the set.

I have located tiny gemstone chips in five popular colors.  These are all high grade chips with lots of color and highlights.

I'm getting both the Jeans Stitch and Metallic threads straight from the manufacturer to keep the cost of the kit as low as possible.

The glass seed beads are all special iridescent beads from the Czech Republic and contain lots of color variation and highlights.

I am furnishing you with Soft Flex for the necklace.  If you haven't had a chance yet to try out this new stringing material, here's your chance.  You'll be very pleasantly surprised.

I was really torn between including very expensive gold fill and sterling silver beads and the other choice of less expensive but high quality gold and silver beads.  So, I did both!  You can order the kits either way.  The basic kit comes with very attractive well-made metal beads - your choice of gold or silver.   The gold beads have been put through a "Hamilton Gold Plate" process which is very durable and less prone to tarnishing than other finishes.   The silver beads have a very durable imitation rhodium finish which resists oxidation and retards tarnishing.  Both finishes use an electric current process which is long lasting.

You can also upgrade your kit to Gold Fill or Sterling Silver beads.   This includes the five metal beads in the necklace and the large round bead on the end of the necklace.  I will also include two earwires which will also be Gold Fill or Sterling Silver.  You will also receive a pair of hypoallergenic earwires.

Each kit includes complete instructions for the crocheted pendant, the Why-Knot necklace and the matching gemstone earrings.  I have included plenty of chips and seed beads.  If fact, you will have a lot of material left over, so I am going to design a couple of little projects that you can complete with the extra chips and seed beads.  The projects will be posted right here on my website. 

The kit also includes Soft Flex, Jeans Stitch thread, Fine Metallic thread, crimp beads and a twisted wire needle.

If you are familiar with bead stringing and crocheting with beads, you can finish all three items, the pendant, the necklace and the earrings, in 90 minutes.   The Why-Knot necklace can be worn with or without the pendant, so it is really two necklaces in one.

This complete set would retail for $200.00. So, you will be proud to show off your finished project.

You can order the kits by mail, by phone or by secure email.  Click on your order choice for complete instructions.

I will ship your order within 48 hours, provided you don't swamp me with a lot of orders for one kind of kit.  So, try one out.  I think you will find that you will want additional kits later on for gifts.  They are beautiful, they are unique and versatile and they show off your creativity.

Gemstone Chip Earrings


Kit Contents

Instruction booklet (12 pages)
Gemstone chips
Czech Republic glass beads
Jeans Stitch thread
Fine Metallic thread
Soft Flex wire
Metal highlight beads
Twisted wire needles
Ear wires
Crimp beads



NOTE: This design is the property of Lydia F Borin and is for personal use only. No part of this design may be used as part of another project, magazine article, book or other printed or electronic publication without the written permission of the owner.  For further information contact

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