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The Beadwrangler's Vine Wave Kit is one of the most versatile kits that you have ever seen.

Music ControlWith this kit you can create 10 different items:

  • 42" Long Necklace
  • 32" Medium Necklace
  • 23" Short Necklace
  • 18 1/2" Choker Necklace
  • Headband
  • Bracelet
  • Wrap-around Bracelet
  • Key Ring
  • Earrings
  • Pendant

The 20-page instruction booklet teaches you four different wave patterns giving you four completely different looks for your vine wave.  The kit is available in seven lucious color combinations. 

A complete description of the kit is here along with three order options: snail mail, secure email and toll free phone. 

Where else could you get a kit that allows you to create 40 different items in seven different color choices for a total of almost 300 different items!   Only from the Beadwrangler.

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Vine Wave Patterns

Vine 4c.jpg (12502 bytes) Vine 2c.jpg (13142 bytes) Vine 3c.jpg (12606 bytes) Vine 1c.jpg (12715 bytes)
Satsuma Wave Madiera Wave Bahia Wave Obion Wave

Each Vine Wave Kit contains instructions for making each one of these waves.  Create items with one wave or mix different waves into the same piece.   Use a Satsuma Wave for the front of a necklace and use an Obion Wave for the back of the necklace.

Vine Wave Color Combinations

vw-clr1c.jpg (14704 bytes)
Pearl Elegance
vw-clr2c.jpg (17202 bytes)
Mauve Passion
vw-clr3c.jpg (15565 bytes)
Green Essence
vw-clr4c.jpg (16236 bytes)
Black Sparkle
vw-clr5c.jpg (16270 bytes)
Berry Delight
vw-clr6c.jpg (17931 bytes)
Grey Harmony
vw-clr7c.jpg (17520 bytes)
Sapphire Sizzle
You can order a Vine Wave Kit in any of these seven great color combinations.

When you make Vine Wave items, you make Vine Wave sections like those pictured here.  That's what makes this kit so easy.  No long thread.  No long strands of beads getting tangled up.  You continue to add sections until you have the length you want.  The booklet also shows you how to make 1/2 sections for those small adjustments.

These seed bead color mixes are carefully designed by the Beadwrangler based on her 35 years of study in design and color theory.

Those beautiful beads on the ends of each Wave section are imported 8mm glass beads from the Czech Republic.  Each kit comes with 15 of these great looking beads.   The beads in your kit will be iridescent, opalized or ghost beads carefully selected to complement the seed bead colors.

You can purchase additional kits without the instruction booklet at a reduced price so that you can create more items and longer items.  So, there is no limit to the length of Vine Waves that you can create.

Pearl Elegance
vw-sz11-clr6b.jpg (16558 bytes)


Vine Wave
Seed Bead Pre-mixed
Color Combinations

Mauve Passion
vw-sz11-clr2b.jpg (11390 bytes)

Green Essence
vw-sz11-clr4b.jpg (11224 bytes)

The size 11o seed beads for each Vine Wave kit
are pre-mixed by the Beadwrangler.  She has
studied design and color theory for 35 years.
Each time she teaches a workshop, her students
ask her how she comes up with these fantastic
color combinations.  In fact, many of her former
students have suggested that when she offers this
new kit, she also offer extra seed bead mix.

Grey Harmony
vw-sz11-clr1b.jpg (11518 bytes)

Berry Delight
vw-sz11-clr3b.jpg (11901 bytes)

Sapphire Sizzle
vw-sz11-clr5b.jpg (12428 bytes)

Black Sparkle
vw-sz11-clr7b.jpg (11361 bytes)

Vine Wave 8mm Glass Beads

vw-8mm-clr1b.jpg (6445 bytes) Brown Iris Your Vine Wave creation contains a multitude of colors that appear and disappear as you move.  To complement this subtle play of color, the Beadwrangler has selected these beautiful, reflective glass beads which hint at the great variety of colors contained in your Vine Wave.
vw-8mm-clr2b.jpg (6706 bytes) White Opal
vw-8mm-clr3b.jpg (6607 bytes) Amethyst
vw-8mm-clr4b.jpg (7695 bytes) Black
vw-8mm-clr5b.jpg (6461 bytes) Colorado
Topaz Ghost
vw-8mm-clr6c.jpg (6603 bytes) Blue Iris

Vine Wave Kit Contents

Four Waves2a.jpg (15337 bytes)

Four Waves

Pearl Elegance Mauve Passion
Green Essence Grey Harmony
Berry Delight Sapphire Sizzle
Vine Wave
Black Sparkle
1 sharps needles, size 11
1 sharps needles, size 12
1 pkg size 11 seed beads
1 pkg size 8 seed beads
1 pkg 8mm fancy glass beads
Silamide beading thread size A
1 ring & toggle necklace clasp
1 pair of earring wires
Instruction booklet, 20 pages


The materials furnished in each Vine Wave kit
will make 10 complete Vine Wave sections.

The number of sections required to make
Vine Wave items is as follows:

Item   Sections
Long Necklace, 42"   10
Medium Necklace 32"   8
Short Necklace 23"   5
Choker 18 "   3
Wrap Around Bracelet   5
Bracelet   2
Key Ring*   or 1
Earring (1)   or 1
Pendant   or 1
Headband   5
So, with a single Vine Wave kit you could create a short necklace, a bracelet, a pair of earrings, a pendant and a key ring.
*Key ring finding is not furnished.  Several models and versions can be found at craft stores.

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