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The Golden Chip Why-Knot Necklace
The Golden Chip
Why-Knot Necklace

designed by

Lydia F Borin
The Beadwrangler

Shown with the
Taco Chip Surprise
Crocheted Pendant



Supply List

A kit is available for this project. Click here for information.

The supplies are for a 33" long necklace and no clasp, the classic Why Knot. See page 28-30 of my bead stringing book to make a shorter necklace and use a conventional clasp.


Put a hemostat on one end of the Soft Flex and from the other end string 5" of cut beads and no you do not need a needle to string the beads, then string 1 3/4" chips, 1 disk, 1 3/4" chips, 3 1/2" cut beads, 1 3/4" chips, 1 disk, 1 3/4" chips. Now you are at the middle of the necklace. String 3 1/2" cut beads and then repeat the same pattern of beads and chips up the other side of the necklace. Then string one disk and the large 10mm bead. Take the hemostat off the other end and put this strand through the disk and large bead also. Now put the crimp bead on the end and crimp it. Next go to pages 7-9 of my bead stringing book for finishing.

Now you have The Golden Chip necklace

Create a matching attachment - The Taco Chip Surprise.

NOTE: This design is the property of Lydia F Borin and is for personal use only. No part of this project may be used as part of another project, magazine article, book or other printed or electronic publication without the written permission of the owner.  For further information contact

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For more bead stringing projects like this one, check Lydia's latest book, Beadwrangler's Hands On Bead Stringing.  For information and photos of projects, click here.

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