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Beadwrangler Workshop

Looped Edge Basket

A Beadwrangler Workshop


This basket is made using the circular loop technique. The Circular Loop technique can be found in beadwork of the 1800s and older in many different cultures around the world. I have not seen a title for this technique that really describes this technique, so I have named it the Circular Loop. I first saw this technique in a Jewelry Crafts Magazine how-to article by Linde Punzel. Then I found Punzel’s book, Fantasy Beading in craft stores. It is an excellent reference book with several circular flat designs. These techniques can also be found in Ann Benson’s book, Beadweaving,for making three dimensional earrings around a wooden or plastic bead and Sandy Forrington’s book, Picot Lace. Punzel’s book intrigued me and I began to visualize creating many 3D designs with these basic stitches. I have made several baskets and figures using the circular loop techniques. I would like to share my designs with you and the following are the first projects introducing the Circular Loop. I will show you how to make Circular Loop Bracelets, Circular Loop Wreath Pendants and other projects in the coming year.

I have included three more basket workshops here that are very easy. You can make these baskets using size 11 or smaller beads and put a earring finding on the ends. You will have a pair of Circular Loop Basket Earrings. Make the baskets using size 8 seed beads and hang the basket on a chain and wear it. Make baskets using size 6 seed beads and add a few bead or fiber flowers or a miniature doll and you have a mini sculpture. You can use any size beads to make any of the patterns. Your only problem with real tiny beads is the lack of thread or tiny needles small enough to pass through the beads several times.

These little baskets make beadacious gifts! Enjoy! Happy Holidays! - The Beadwrangler


Using the Circular Loop Technique, make your ruffle basket using the formula.

Then, finish the basket using the Closure and Embellishment Techniques.

Finally, add a handle to your basket using the Basket Handle Technique.


Formula for the Looped Edge Basket

Looped Edge Basket Row 1
Row 2
Row 3
Row 4
Row 5
Row 6
Row 7

18 beads
2 beads on 1 bead, 1 bead on 1 bead
3 beads on 2 beads, 1 bead on 1 bead
3 beads on 3 beads, 1 bead on 1 bead
3 beads on 3 beads, 1 bead on 1 bead
3 beads on 3 beads, 1 bead on 1 bead
1 bead on 2 beads, 1 bead on 1 bead

Top Embellishment: On the last row you make, which is the basket opening, take the thread through one of the beads at the top and add 5 beads and loop around. Then come out and go through the next bead and add 5 beads and loop around. Continue this pattern around all the beads at the opening of the basket top. Sew through all the loops again for strength. Then sew back into the basket and cut off excess thread.

Circular Loop Technique

Basket Closure and Embellishment Techniques

Basket Handle Technique

When you make copies of these instructions to share with your friends, please tell them you got them at Beadwrangler's.