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Easter Basket
A Springtime Basket & Necklace Project
A Beadwrangler Workshop


Use same material as the other circular baskets. Use size 11 seed beads to make the basket and add size 14 or 16 seed beads (small beads) as embellishment. Take 5 colors of seed beads size 11 and mix them all together, string whatever bead is closest and do not plan a color pattern.

Basic Instructions
Follow the basic Circular Basket instructions for how to do circular beading and to finish the bottom of the basket closure.

Finishing Touches
You can make a necklace using a variety of techniques. I strung size 11s all mixed just like the basket on Soft Flex wire, added a large bead that is round on top and flat on the other side, brought both strands through the large bead and added a crimp bead. Then I covered the bead with fiber using techniques from my Beadwrangler's Hands On Bead Stringing book. You can also use thread to string the beads and above the big bead knot the threads together and decorate with beads. This will not be a permanent necklace, eventually the fiber will wear out if you wear it often, that is why I use Soft Flex. You can also put your basket on a gold or silver necklace that has a conventional clasp or on a cord, yarn or other fiber, tie it at the back and wear it. This basket is popular all year round. You can make a basket of a darker bead color mix for Winter.

Happy Holiday!

Easter Basket

Formula for Easter Basket

Row 1 to
Row 8
Use the Collar Basket formula; then return here.
Row 9 4 beads on 3 beads, 1 bead on 1 bead
Row 10 At the end of Row 9 after you have put on the last 1 on 1 bead, string 3 size 11 beads and circle that bead, then take the needle through the next group of 4 beads and the next 1 on 1, then string on 3 size 11 beads and circle the 1 on 1 bead, continue around until there are 3 beads on each 1 on 1 bead. Row 10
Row 11 At the end of Row 10 the thread should be coming out of a 1 on 1 with three beads on top. Take the needle up through the first bead of the 3 and out. String on 1 small bead and circle the size 11, do the same with the other two size 11s and go back through the 1 on 1 and out. Now take the needle through the first bead of the 4 bead group and out, string on a small bead and circle the 11, continue with all 4 size 11 beads, continue circling all the beads this way to the end. Either weave the thread into the basket or if it is long enough, you can continue to make the handle. If the thread is too short, start with new thread for the handle. Row 11

Making the Handle - Square Stitch

Use size 11s for the handle. Take your needle to the 3 bead group below the 4 bead groups. This is where you will start the strap. There is one more row in front of it before you get to the basket opening. Use single thread. Take the thread through one bead of the 3 bead group and string 4 beads, take the needle back into the basket, over one bead, go through it and back up the bead you originally came through plus 2 of the first 4 beads you strung. Pull the thread taut. Handle 1
Now 2 beads are sitting on each side which makes a square shape. String 2 more beads and go back down into the first bead on the opposite side of the square. Then take the needle back across through the first side and back up that bead plus one just strung on. Handle 2
Now continue adding 2 beads and going back through until you have 30 beads in a line and 2 beads across. Take the needle to the opposite side of the basket and sew into the basket. Weave the thread through and cut the excess. Now follow the basic instructions for finishing the bottom of the basket and then weave back and forth through the basket and the handle until it is firm and cut off the excess. Handle 3

When you make copies of these instructions to share with your friends, please tell them you got them at Beadwrangler's.

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